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The Art Of Print


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Further Reading & Resources

Below are resources I used for this article and would be interesting further reading on the subject.

CSS Design: Going to Print

You've seen them before: links that say 'click here for printer-friendly version' or words to that effect. Every time you follow one of those links, you load a separate document that presents exactly the same information with a different layout, and probably different markup.

That means somebody (or a script) had to take the original document and convert it to a stripped-down version that's more suitable for print output. Maybe that somebody was even you.


CSS, Printing and User Expectation

Common practice with the usage of print stylesheets is to remove anything except the content — menus, ads, buttons and backgrounds. But what if you want to print those? What if the whole reason for printing out the page was to capture that ad? …that I love the layout so much I want to frame it? A print stylesheet presumes to know exactly what it is that you want to print, yet the web page presents us with a host of ancillary information that we might also want to capture. The only way I can circumvent the print stylesheet is to hack it out — mess with the source and remove the stylesheet link.