Unrestricted Access


Unrestricted Access

Is a browser-independent, cross-platform & multi-medium application website focusing on web standards and accessibility.

Multiple Designs

You can browse this entire website using a design layout you feel comfortable with. There are 21 pre-existing designs already implemented, but you can apply your own style easily.

View the existing styles and find out how to use your own.


The practices discussed on this website are also implemented throughout. This means the site achieves platform and user agent (browser) independence. The website works across Microsoft Windows, Linux and Macs. As well as on handheld devices such as PDAs and mobiles and if printed out.

Web Standards

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.

Tim Berners-Lee

All Levels

This website is aimed at all levels of web developers, from people interested in starting a personal website to established "web masters". There are basic articles discussing the use of semantic markup and the separation of presentation and content using CSS, along with tutorials and walkthroughs of basic examples. Finally there are articles discussing advanced CSS-based techniques which are commonly required in design.


This website uses the best practices in web accessibility to reach the greatest possible audience. This includes the use of CSS for presentation & accesskeys. More information about all the practices can be found in the accessibility statement.

Featured Articles

Image Replacement Techniques discusses numerous tried and tested replacement techniques for CSS background images. As well as looking to the future, showcasing more complex IR solutions.

The Style Switcher article explains a cross-browser way to implement different CSS driven designs to your website.

Featured Interview

Cameron Adams, aka the Man in Blue, has been designing things on and off the Web since 1997. Based in Melbourne, Australia, a university background in Computer Science and over seven years experience in graphic design have made the Internet his home away from home — where he revels in making usable, accessible and likeable interfaces.

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