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Web Standards

What Are Web Standards?


This whole site is about web standards. This article will give a brief introduction on what exactly following web standards entails.

So What Are Web Standards?

Follwing "web standards" means following best practices for web technologies which the W3C generates. Web standards focuses on three main web technologies; HTML, XHTML and CSS. With the combination of these technologies a developer should strive to meet a certain level of accessibility which is described in the W3C's WCAG.

Why Use Web Standards?

There is an article called Importance Of Standards which discusses why developers should choose to learn about web standards.

Further Reading & Resources

Below are resources I used for this article and would be interesting further reading on the subject.

Why Web Standards FAQ's

I've prepared the following frequently asked questions based on my experience with Web standard development in the real world. You won't hear (too) much selling here, and I'll try to keep my answers as short and sweet as possible.